Confidentiality is the basis of securing private data (P1)

Confidentiality is the basis of securing private data (P1)

It is unexpectedly useful to use the temporary email address generated from you shoud know. One of the most important functions is to keep your private information out of illigal using when registering and surfing the Internet.

However, in purpose of make sure complete anonymity and private information security online, we highly recommend you to use a protecting wall called VPN technologies.

Here are the unexpected advantages of obtaining an anonymous email address from http: //

  • You can access any website with not registering or providing any private information
  • All your received emails will be automatically deleted after 1 hour
  • The temporary email address isn’t connected or syncronized with your other emails. You don’t have to worry about any disturbing to your work.

The temporary email address will exist until the any time you just want to delete it. In that time, all the data, even your IP address will be permanently erased.

Temp mail is now available as the browser extensions (such as Chrome) and Android app. However, is it enough safe to readily use a disaposable and temporary email address?

Your confidentiality is still in very risk as your local Internet provider or Third-party websites can take your IP address once you register; enter your private informaiton or access to their website through the Internet. Knowing your IP information also has the same meaning that they can find your actual address and dangerously determines who you really are.

An anonymous email address will help you keep your private information secret while receiving emails and save time to avoid disturbing your personal work. However, do you wish to protect completely your confidentiality, VPN will help you to fulfill this.

VPN technology is the ultimate and foremost method for you.

And here is how it works: from installed, you will access a website and browse the Internet through VPN. This time, all the information you practice including sending, receiving through the VPN server will be encrypted.  Also, the VPN system will completely secure your IP address from intruded.

As mentioned, all your information including sending, receiving emails will be encrypted by the VPN server.

VPN technology works in exactly the same manner for all other websites. Everything that you access online will be encrypted while your IP is being hidden. And this works both ways.

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