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Top Tips (With 10minutes emails) to Avoid Spam Filters While Sending Emails

The world of email deliverability can be a depressing place. Even the most seasoned and rule-abiding email marketers will experience delivery issues and (unintentionally) send spam emails.

In this post, we share some of our best recommendation to ensure that your emails avoid spam filters and get delivered to your recipients’ inboxes. For supplementary information and explanation on the tips below, check out the entire Tips & Tricks to Stay Out of the Spam Folder Guide.

Build up your OWN email list

What you mention in your emails is incredibly important, but your content doesn’t mean anything if you’re saying it to the wrong or to an unengaged audience. Always try to avoid:

Renting, picking up, or co-registering an email from a third party

Sharing or adopting a shared list with a partner

Scraping emails—if you’re running a robot to collect emails, known as email harvesting, this practice puts you squarely into the spam camp. Don’t usually do it!

Organically building your email list is a long-term play that will contribute to your email program. It won’t be the simplest or the fastest way to grow your list, but it will be the most effective.

Provide the double opt-in

When you’re building up an email list of new subscribers, consider how you will verify that your recipients want to receive email from your brand. We suggest using a double-opt-in method that provides a subscriber with a welcome email that they must confirm (usually check a box that says they agree to emails) before they officially end up on your email list.

Having subscribers use double opt-in indicates that they have a genuine interest in your emails (which will keep your engagement and deliverability rates high). Read more about the various types of email opt-in and why double opt-in is preferred in our blog post, You Forgot to Say Please: How to Collect Email Addresses.

Authenticate your email with the SPF, DKIM, and DMARC

Email authentication can be tricky, but it’s simplest to remember that authenticating your email verifies that you are who you say you are and that you’re sending legitimate email. Inbox providers, like Google and Yahoo, trust authenticated email more and are more reasonable to deliver mail from authenticated email into the inbox.

The following methods authenticate your disposable email address (10minutes emails) and turn out to the inbox providers that your email is worthy of the inbox and not the spam folder:

Sender Policy Framework (SPF) – assures you are who you say you are by comparing the sender’s IP (found in the domain’s DNS record) with a list of IPs authorized to send from that domain.

Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) – meeting this standard assures that the email was not tampered with during transmission.

Domain-Based Message Authentication Reporting and Conformance (DMARC) – leveraging the strength of both SPF and DKIM, DMARC requires both to pass in order to send and deliver email.

The techniques above are the responsibility of the sender, but SendGrid can help you with each. Learn more about how our professional services can support you mitigate deliverability issues and help set your email program up for success.

Regularly clean your disposable email address (10minutes emails) list

Some of your recipients will naturally unsubscribe from your email list, but put in mind that many who no longer want to receive your email will simply ignore your emails instead of unsubscribing. This is indeed harmful because the lower your email engagement rate, the less favorably you will be viewed by the ISPs. This means that your emails are more reasonable to go to the spam folder.

Combat low engagement by periodically removing unengaged users, bounced emails, and role email addresses. Your email list is going to encounter some amount of churn. Don’t hold it personally! Be proactive, clean your list, and you’ll start experiencing improved email deliverability rates.

Avoid blacklists and monitor your reputation

Your email domain has a reputation associated with it and if it slips or you send an email to a spam trap email, you may discover yourself on an email blacklist. Unfortunately, even tentative and well-intentioned senders may find themselves on a blacklist.

Reduce the risk of finishing up on a blacklist by considering some of the following practices:

Using confirmed opt-in or the double opt-in

Carrying out a sunset policy to remove unengaged subscribers

Using real-time address validation—if someone enters in a false email (or even a typo) and you send disposable email address (10minutes emails)  to that invalid email address, your sender score suffers.

Keeping an eye on your delivery rates will advise you of any signals that you may be on a blacklist. For more information on blacklists, read for the Avoiding Blacklists: Best Practices For Reducing Your Risk of IP and Domain Blacklisting.

Provide the preference center

A preference center allows new subscribers and existing subscribers to choose how regularly they receive your emails. They further reduce the risk of your subscribers marking your emails as spam by putting them in control over the type of content they receive from you and when.

Provide a direct and prominent preference center to reduce friction and the risk of irritating your recipients. As an end, you’ll see higher engagement rates… which helps maintain your emails from going to spam!

There are many types of preference centers so learn about what type is best for your email program in our blog post.

Monitor the disposable email address (10minutes emails) engagement metrics

Tracking your email performance and engagement metrics is the merely true way to know if your email program is improving or if some changes are needed. But, before you control, it’s important to develop some baseline metrics so you have a consistent picture of your email performance.

The following metrics are a great place to start:

Spam complaints

Open rates

Click-through rates

Don’t panic if you set up to notice negative trends, just be to sure to act quickly once you do. For illustration, if your open rates are starting to dip, review your subject lines and email frequency as those two variables are likely affecting this metric.


Email marketing is far from basic and no matter how hard you try, finding perfection is a fleeting goal. But that doesn’t mean you can’t go close! Following the tips above position your email program to go on its best. Always keep in mind that the greater your email engagement, the more likely your email will end up where it is intended and not get caught in spam filters.

Email is continually changing and so are best practices, the best thing you can do is make sure you’re up to date on those best practices.

Read our Top 10 Tips And Tricks to Stay Out Of The Spam Folder Guide for more tips and if you think like your disposable email address (10minutes emails) deliverability could use some help, check out SendGrid’s email plans to see how we can help!


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What is Email Blast? 5 Tips of Rethinking Your Email Strategy (With 10minutes email) – Blog

What is Email Blast? 5 Tips of Rethinking Your Email Strategy (With 10minutes email)

For many email marketers, one free mail strategy works to prove itself both effective, but also cringe-worthy at the same time–the email blast.

The term “blast” can imply unexpected assault and a general lack of tact. And while we’re not suggesting our senders to stop sending email blasts (we provide software that allows for this exact type of sending), we think it’s time to reframe how we think about an email blast for good.

The tips below help internalize your free mail marketing plans from the start and ensure that your next email blast will a) get delivered b) convince your recipients to take action.

Stop calling it as an email blast

Take a stride back before sending your next free mail campaign. Getting blasted with email (or anything for that matter) sound like a good experience? This tip should lay down the foundation for how you should think about your email marketing campaigns during the conception phase of your email marketing strategy.

Consider and appreciate your recipient’s time and interest in your brand, and always keep them front of mind when you are designing campaigns. You’re not blowing your recipients; you are giving them with valuable content that may persuade them into paying your brand money.

To brush up on your email marketing procedures, watch our video blog Email Marketing Manners: 4 Tips to Guide Your Sending Strategy.

Adopt an email service provider

Now that you’re creating email campaigns planned to benefit, not irritate your recipients, you’ll be required to verify that your email reaches their inbox and isn’t getting sent to the spam folder or bounced entirely. Email Service Providers (ESPs) cut down the hassle related to email delivery so you can focus on your campaign’s content and strategy.

The larger your list grows, the more serious it is to rely on dependable and fast ESPs. ESPs also monitor the IP that you send email from and let you see if something is up and may be affecting your delivery rate.

Send to a good email list

By now it should continue without saying—but it’s always worth reemphasizing—any email list you haven’t built with permission marketing tactics jeopardizes your capacity to send any email at all (not to point out it kills your relationship with your recipients).

SendGrid doesn’t provide customers to send email to purchased email lists. This keeps you and everyone who uses SendGrid to send email. For strategies on list building, see How to Authentically Grow Your Email List.

Personalize your list with the segmentation

A pillar of content and copywriting is to record as if you’re speaking to one single person at a time. This isn’t practical with mass email marketing, but segmenting your list and messages helps attain the same sort of feeling. Email marketing segmentation transforms generic email into personalized and tailored messages more reasonable to resonate with your recipients.

Luckily, it’s never been simpler to accomplish this. Modern free mail marketing software provides you to efficiently segment your messages to recipients based on a number of factors such as:




Past email

SendGrid offers all of these segmentation skills in our own email marketing tool, Marketing Campaigns. If you’re concerned in learning about how to leverage your segmentation with automation, sign up for SendGrid’s automation beta waitlist.

Include a simple call to action

If you’ve worked to convince your recipient to open one of your promotional emails, nice work. Take three seconds to praise. But this is merely the start. What are you charging them to do once you’ve grabbed their attention?

Without a compelling call to action (CTA), all your struggle and planning will sadly be for nothing. How you craft your CTAs will depend on the action you want the recipient to take. And yes, there’s a guide for making strong email CTAs.

Happy blasting emailing!

The tips mentioned above are meant to take you on the right path for sending successful email campaigns. There’s surely more to consider and more time to spend on elements like clever and engaging subject lines and beautiful, reader-friendly designs. For the further on that, download our best practice guide bundle Email Marketing 101.

In the meantime, let’s set the phrase email blast to eternal rest (With 10minutes email)

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How to remain anonymous on the Internet via 10minutes emails and why you desire it – Blog

How to remain anonymous on the Internet via 10minutes emails and why you desire it

Why to remain anonymous online?

Many sites collect information about a user on each visit. Some sites notify visitors before doing so but some collect information without obtaining prior consent. The information that identifies you can be used other than as thought.

Intrusive ads injected into sites is the most wide-spread phenomenon. More intricate ways of handling the collected information include sudden limitations when you apply for a loan or for a job. Government bodies can still collect private information of people for various reasons, which is actually treated as the invasion of privacy.
Most popular ways of how to secure anonymity

Use VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology to channel all traffic via secure VPN servers that obscure your real IP address, thus preventing sites from spotting your location and identity. Besides, all traffic is encrypted to secure data from hooking by your internet provider or scammers. The simplest and most accessible option is to connect via free VPN service –

VPN is the initial defense line for your computer.

Make the emailing efficient

Email is another thing that can compromise your anonymity.

You can set up several email accounts to avoid exposing your main email address; however, this is not going to fix the problem as you will nevertheless receive spam messages. How to block spam completely?

The strongest way is to use disposable email which is provided by many website services, with one of the most prominent being temporary mail. Its components in brief are:

Sleek and clean design

An email box is set up automatically as soon as you enter the temporary mail website

User can transform a generated email name to make it more readable

The email box is valid for indefinite period, and the user can delete it at any time, if desired.


It is getting progressively harder to stay truly anonymous online. Yet we expect the above article will help you keep privacy and protect your private life from being tracked by third parties.

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Confidentiality is the base of security via 10minutes emails – Blog

Confidentiality is the base of security via 10minutes emails

The temporary email address (10minutes emails) that you can pick up at can serve a good number of purposes. Its primary function is to protect your confidentiality when browsing the Internet.
However, in order to assure complete anonymity and online security, we suggest that you combine an anonymous email with VPN technologies.

The advances of an anonymous email at

You are required to register or enter any confidential information.

All your emails are automatically deleted after an hour.

The temporary email address (10minutes emails)  is not connected to your other emails.

It can be deleted at any time you prefer. All data, consisting of your IP address, is erased.

Temporary email (10minutes emails)  is applicable as the browser extensions (like Chrome ) and Android app .

Is it enough to easily use an anonymous email?

Your internet provider and third-party sites can save your IP-address when you connect to them via the Internet. This can put your confidentiality at risk. Remember that by identifying your IP, a professional can determine your real address and find out who you actually are.
disposable email (10minutes emails) allows you to manage your identity secret while receiving emails. However, if you prefer to protect your confidentiality completely, you have to use other means.
The first and foremost way of doing so is using VPN technology. Here is how it goes: you connect to a site and browse the Internet through it. All the information you send or receive goes through the VPN server and is being encrypted. The system also securely protects your IP address.

How it works when you’re running a temporary email (10minutes emails):

Your IP address will be concealed when you’re using an anonymous email or other sites; thus, your identity is protected.Your internet provider will not have the information on what sites you have visited.

All the data including emails will be encrypted by the VPN server.

VPN technology functions in exactly the same manner for all other sites. Everything that you browse online is being encrypted while your IP is being concealed. And this serves both ways.

What VPN service should you adopt?

The first thing you need to figure out is which VPN server you can trust. The server with the VPN server you’re using shouldn’t be located within a “Fourteen Eyes” country. In such countries, the government can demand for information from any VPN provider, which can jeopardize your anonymity and security.
The second thing you should deal with is the policy of the VPN Company regarding the storage of your data and whether they store the logs of their users.
We suggest you to take a look at the new, free VPS service at This enterprise is based in Cyprus, which is beyond the grasp of the “Fourteen Eyes.” Also, this enterprise doesn’t save your private information that can be used to identify you. If you prefer to start using the VPN service provided by Privatix, click here to visit their official site and choose the right device.
Privatix is applicable as a widget for browsers including Chrome, Opera, and Firefox, as well as a standalone software for Windows / MacOS and apps for Android / iOS.
After the installation is finished, simply choose the country through which you would like to connect. That will change your IP address, while all your Internet traffic will be encrypted.
As you can understand, the main difference between Privatix and its competitors is its simplicity, high quality, the absence of ads, and the fact that it’s completely free.
All these things make VPN from Privatix your finest choice when choosing to remain completely anonymous and running with a temporary email (10minutes emails).

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