Movie Monsters Movies สล็อตเว็บตรง Denounces Blog Spam

สล็อตเว็บตรง Denounces Blog Spam


สล็อตเว็บตรง Denounces Blog Comment Spamming and calls on the general public to make them aware of any similar sinister unethical activity by affiliates.

In other words, if you find comment links to 888 Casino (casino on net) or Pacific Poker on your blog you can contact – [email protected] – and the offending webmaster will be warned after an investigation, then will have his/her account closed with all funds in it confiscated.

888 Spam Complaint Emails Dealt With As Follows –

  1. a) It will be investigated and if we determine that the affiliate has engaged in any sort of unethical activity as outlined in our Policies ( affiliate agreement) – we will block the specific site and send a one-time warning to cease this behavior.
  2. b) If after receipt of one warning the behavior repeats or persists then that affiliate’s account will be blocked and any further payments due the affiliate will be suspended.
  3. c) An email update reporting the result will then be sent to the person who emailed us the complaint within 72 hours.

Gamblog Comment – top marks for effort by the online gaming community. Specifically affiliates who rogued 888 and who have pushed hard against 888 to start reigning in their army of unethical marketeers.

888 Still Using Adware?

I notice they – 888 – never mentioned malware, scumware or adware marketers. I contend there is still a ways to go with 888 yet regarding ethical marketing practises. Rome was not built in a day I gather.

Report Blog Spam

Bloggers and blog readers should take the opportunity to test the system to see if it works and/or to see if 888 can make good on their word.

Personally, I doubt whether the 888 staff will be able to wade through the viagra and porn spam sent to [email protected], to get to the complaints about their advertising partners breaching their new ethical marketing terms and conditions.

Hopefully 888 do a bit better than Google, who seem to be losing the splogging battle in some style.

I found a few new, yet pretty good gambling related websites just out of beta phase. One is for testing out the online betting shops, one for web casinos and another for testing out the big poker-rooms.

The gambling lab rats identities are unknown to me. That said, none of the reviewed poker-rooms, casinos or bookies are major league rogues as far as I know. Not bad for a new gaming website network. Politely put, most relatively large gaming website owners promote shite betting outlets. The gambling lab-rats have not as yet, so they get todays vote.

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