Movie Monsters game A little insight needed, please… QQWIN99

A little insight needed, please… QQWIN99


As I’ve said before, I don’t own QQWIN99 yet since I play at such low limits. But AP does provide some basic stats. Here’s an extremely small sample (1000 hands); I could use some insight into what it means:

First, let me explain something – the vast majority of these hands are at $.02/.04, playing 6 man tables that are normally at 4 or 5-handed. So, lots of short-handed play.

Flops Seen: 40% (I know this is too much, but playing short-handed and only playing the blinds and you’re pretty much at 40%)

Games won: 16%

Showdowns won: 52%

Games won when seeing the flop: 39%

I also see that my raise % is just shy of 6%. Not sure if you add the “Bet%” onto that to measure aggression, but that is over 11%; make it 17% of the time I am pushing the betting in some manner.

So, you stats folks, what does this mean? If it makes a difference, I am satisfied with my cash winnings.

Thanks for any help.

Odds & Ends at Midnight

I forgot to report on last Saturday’s home game at buccaneermike’s (which I skipped, like a good boy, for the sake of spousal relations at this most stressful time of the year).

Joeboddy was first out. Supposedly, the night played out weird. Everyone tightened up with so much money at stake – $40 buy-in, winner-take-all, 9 man table. $360 to the winner. Buccaneermike played aggressive from the start, and apparently Joeboddy did also, ‘cept he got unlucky. Supposedly, it took 3 hrs for the next guy to go out, and the blinds were escalating every 20 minutes. Unreal, considering the usual style of play at this game.

Buccaneermike came in 4th. There is justice in a winner-take-all world. A guy that’s only played with us for a month or two won it all. Normally, a nice guy, but was late getting to his father’s bedside at the hospital because of the game, though. Apparently, he is really bad off, maybe dying, and it was Boy-Roy’s turn to pull the nightwatch at the hospital.

Good to see a man with his priorities straight get rewarded. Jeesh.


Back to AP: Ok, I’m over the beats from the MTT earlier. It didn’t cost me money, so I have no right to be pissed.

As for the .02/.04 tables, it seems to get downright fishy in the evening. On the one hand, there are the fish that are afraid to play while they’re learning. On the other hand, you’ve got guys that play at higher limits that drop down to blow off steam by raising any two cards. A guy willing to be just the slightest bit patient can do fine for himself.

I’ve been analyzing my records and discovered something: I have more winning sessions that losing sessions by a long shot, at most limits. But, when I lose, I lose BIG! And since I’m playing with a short bankroll because I don’t want to risk any more of my meager cash bankroll than necessary online, it only takes one losing session to throw all my gains out of the window.

So, I’m trying a strategy change. I buy-in for the minimum at the table, in this case $.40. If it goes, I switch tables and re-buy one more time. If that goes, I’m down 20 BBs and I walk away for a few hours. Also, I’m usually multi-tabling now, so that’s taking some of the variance out as well. It seems to be working so far, as I’m knocking out more winning sessions than ever, almost always more than doubling up. My infrequent losses are being managed better. The real proof will be in a few weeks, when I can move up in limits, or maybe play some $.10 PL HE.

Knock on wood.

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