Do You Google Or Ask?

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Ask vs. Google – An Observation of Search Results
I have always considered it a good idea to use multiple search engines when performing a specific search. Since most search engines provide differing results, it just makes sense to me to utilize more than one source to find the best results. I get my news from more than one source, why not my search results?

But when I’m short on time (as most of us are) I tend to fall into a rut of using just one search engine to get a quick answer or make an impulse purchase. For the most part, my engine of choice has been Google. But recently I find myself calling upon Ask to answer my daily searches. Since the dismissal of Jeeves, Ask’s results have been more… satisfying. Coincidence?

Regardless, in the interest of Search and search engine users everywhere, I have decided to perform an off-the-cuff comparison of Google and Ask search results. Specifically looking at the web site that holds the #1 position.

Sidenote: I have purposely avoided opening the Pandora’s box of “search engine tools comparisons”. Aren’t there enough of those critiques (and promotions) out there already. My intent is to focus strictly on the engine’s bread and butter – web search results.

I believe there are 3 basic forms a search can take: EducationalCommercial, and Recreational. So I’ll start there:

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