Movie Monsters Movies Email Marketing Power: 49 Email Marketing Secrets That Will Jump-Start Your Business And Produce Dramatic Results

Email Marketing Power: 49 Email Marketing Secrets That Will Jump-Start Your Business And Produce Dramatic Results


Email marketing is the oldest and best form of social media. As Chris Brogan has wisely said, your inbox is the hottest social network. And dispite rumors of it’s demise, email marketing is adding massive value to the small businesses that use it well. In this simple to follow marketing guide you’ll learn 49 marketing secrets that will help jump-start your business. Maybe you know some of these tactics – but you probably don’t know all 49. Written for marketers by marketers, this book is not a technical manuel on how to send email. It is a marketing guidebook filled with marketing tips and strategies. Start your email marketing journey today! If you are looking forward to translate this content, contact Translation Agencies UK

50 Ways To Build Your Email Marketing List

Tested list-building strategies for authors & artists, solo professionals and small businesses

Need to build a platform? Get more clients? Make more sales? Then you need a list. You can generate all the business you’ll ever need with just an email list and a $20 a month email account.

Remember: Google can slash your search engine rankings. Facebook can suspend your account. But no one can take away your email list.

Learn tested techniques for growing your email list through these six strategies:

Optimize the opt-in box

Use social media

Leverage other websites and search

Use offline marketing

Create great emails

Minimize unsubscribes

The Money’s in the List

Despite all the talk about social media, the money is still in the list. It always will be. Email marketing continues to have dramatically better ROI than any other marketing channel.

Tested Ways to Attract Engaged Subscribers

All the techniques included in the book are proven. They are backed up with stats, referenced to websites. These techniques aren’t sleazy, sneaky, or designed to con people into getting on your list. They attract quality, engaged subscribers. That’s because while you do want a larger list, what you really want is a larger engaged list.

Email is Still the Killer App

Email still delivers over $40 for every dollar spent, and it is used constantly by billions of people. Your email marketing program can and should be the thread that ties all your other marketing together.

99+ Best Free Internet Marketing Tools And Resources To Boost Your Online Marketing Efforts (SEO Tools, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Content … (Smart Entrepreneur Guides! Book 2)

99+ Best Free Internet Marketing Tools And Resources To Boost Your Online Marketing Efforts

The “build it they’ll come” strategy doesn’t work anymore. In fact, more than 60 percent of the businesses plan to invest heavily into marketing in 2016, leaving a tough challenge to the ones on a low budget. But don’t worry; this book includes an incredible list of FREE internet marketing tools.

Well, do you really need tools for your internet marketing efforts?

I’d love to answer that question anytime – Aren’t shortcuts just the best?

I’ve been into internet marketing for many years now. All through these years I’ve tried hundreds of tools, few were pathetic but most of them did their job. So what you’re going to get from this book is an “ultimate” list of the best free internet marketing tools, that I’ve tried myself.

Why 99+ why not just 99 tools?

When I started writing this book I actually had this in my mind to give you 99 tools. But in the due course I didn’t count the number and I ended up with around 110 tools on the list. Well, I didn’t want to remove the extra tools thinking that you might find those additional tools handy. That’s the reason “99+” in the title.

Let me also tell you that there are no affiliate links placed in the book or neither any of the tools is a sponsored placement.

I’ve included two bonus modules as well.

Bonus #1: Top Paid Internet Marketing tools. Though this book completely focuses on free tools, it’s pretty certain that at some point in time you’d want to go for Pro and enterprise level featured tools. Use this module as a reference guide.

Bonus #2: Free Stock Image Resources plus Resources to 250,000+ Free Icons. Now, this is a killer! You can download high resolution images and vector icons for your projects (both personal and commercial).

Who is this book for?

This book is for everyone who’s striving to make a strong impression in this noisy digital world.

There’s something’s in for:-

– Blogging

– Graphic Design

– Keyword Research and Monitoring

– SEO Tools

– Link Building

– Kindle/E-Book writer

– Lead Generation

– Social Media Marketing

– Content Marketing

– Email Marketing

– Video Marketing

– Affiliate Marketing

– Pay Per Click (PPC)

– Competitor Research and Monitoring

– And More…

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