Movie Monsters Movies Free Casino and Online Casino Malaysia Games OnlineI have forgotten

Free Casino and Online Casino Malaysia Games OnlineI have forgotten

Free Casino and Online Casino Malaysia Games OnlineI have forgotten more locations online than I can remember that carry free-to-play games. On my travels as a blogger, I pay little attention to the free casino and poker venues.

I always figured tomorrow I would start a list of free-to-play casino style and Online Casino Malaysia style resources and add more links to games as I stumble across them. Tomorrow is today in virtual gamers land. It’s about time I got around to it.

♠ London Clubs International Free To Learn Casino Games

(roulette, blackjack, casino stud poker, punto banco)

♠ Ace Games Online Freeplay

(solitaire, 7 slots, double slots, cake slots, ace puzzle, video poker, blackjack)

♠ Free Double Dueces Wild Videopoker

(double dueces wild only)

♠ Play For Fun Casino Games Via Shockwave

(blackjack, roulette, slots, jacks or better video poker, craps)

African Nations Football Betting

The African Nations Cup kicked off a few days ago (20 January 2006). On my travels finding related African soccer info and team form for betting purposes, I found a previously unknown to me Football Betting Tips Blog that carries odds, prices, wagering advice and tips information related specifically to the African Nations.

Playtech Problems Escalating

Playtech licensees currently appear to be in a state of meltdown – hardly a day goes by at the moment in which a player does not report a problem with a Playtech casino on one of the main online gambling forums. Invariably, a bonus is involved; invariably, the casino in question is seeking to confiscate the winnings generated.

Problem Playtech Casino 1 – Giant Vegas

The player racked up a four-figure sum playing roulette; the casino tried to claim that roulette was not an eligible game for play on the promotion the player received; subsequent evidence indicated that the rules at the time did not disallow roulette – at which point the casino claimed the player was a “fraudster” of some kind; a representative of the affiliate programme of which Giant Vegas was a member, having originally brushed the case aside, ended up terminating the casino’s membership of the programme.

The full discussion can be read in the Giant Vegas thread at Casinomeister.

Problem Playtech Casino 2 – Swiss Casino

Player received the new player signup promotion and cashed out a big win – $6000; the casino accused him of “bonus abuse” and confiscated his winnings; the player had not, as is usual in these cases, done anything wrong other than win too much.

Full discussion in the Swiss Casino thread at Casinomeister.

Problem Playtech Casino 3 – Vegas Red

Player again received the new player signup bonus, followed the rules and cashed out. Unfortunately, Vegas Red had very cleverly added extra rules pertaining to the new player bonus in a well hidden and apparently irrelevant “end user agreement”, which practically none but the most accountant-minded player would ever successfully locate, whilst leaving this vital information out of the rules as stated on the bonus page – a very crafty sleight of hand which ensures that all players playing any game other than slots will have any winnings they successfully accrue confiscated.

Interestingly, the casino subsequently added the exclusion to the bonus page – an admission of guilt?

The discussion can be read in the Vegas Red discussion at Casinomeister.

I have gone into greater detail about these three cases in the “Escallation of winnings confiscation issues at Playtech powered casinos” article at Hundredpercentgambling and additionally summarised these and a handful of other current Playtech issues in a thread I posted at Casinomeister: Playtech: the nightmare list

Needless to say, I strongly recommend that you do NOT patronise any of the three Playtech casinos mentioned in this post.

Playtech will be in attendance at next week’s International Casino Exhibition in London; I will be raising all these various issues with them, with a view to giving a little extra weight to their resolution and in the hope that they might start to realize that greater responsibility towards their licensees’ conduct on their part will lead to an improved perception of Playtech in the eyes of the player community.

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