Fruits and vegetables natural beauty




After cleaning, the effect of the face mask better, if slightly by the hot steam on the face best, because the skin to fully absorb nutrition. When apply avoid entering the eye, about 10 minutes after rinse out with warm water.


Dry skin: the four fresh frozen almond crushed, and a teaspoon of olive oil mixed evenly.


Mixed skin: avocado half, two egg white, honey two spoon mixed evenly.


Aging or sensitive skin: beat a banana into mash, stirred into a spoon of milk and crushed almonds with a spoon honey.

★ All body mask


Remove dead skin cells: a fresh pineapple beat into mash, apply in the dry parts, about 15 minutes, rinse out and massage, can remove dead skin cells.


Remove Oil: best suited to the back of Oil production hearty young people. 5 spoon of cheese, 1 spoon of yeast and 4 spoon of orange juice or lemon juice mixed.

★ To understand the beauty effect of all kinds of fruits and vegetables, you can arbitrarily Self-made cosmetics, for example:


Apple has the effect of contracted and sterilization, suitable for oily and acne skin.


Cabbage can treatment acne.


Celery prompt removal of waste and apply to any type of skin.


Grapefruit can shrink pores, oily skin and large pores apply.


Peach has anti-inflammatory effect, the effect of dry skin.


Spinach promote blood circulation, the elderly, the most appropriate sensitivity of the skin apply.

The people late to sleep skin care Tips

Supper to add some more of vitamin C or foods containing protein collagen, to restore flexibility and shiny skin. Animal skin rich in protein collagen. A lot of fruit are rich in vitamin C, can also be an oral vitamin C. To aviod spicy food, drinking less. Learn more about facial rejuvenation center nashville


Timely add water to the skin


The skin lack of water will become dry. Lack of water causes include environmental factors and improper care. Stay up all night should be open to indoor air, and a certain humidity. You can also use with adequate water and nutrients in latex.

Late to sleep not “night washing”


In general, the skin in the evening 10:00 – 11: 00 into the evening between the state of care. The people who late to sleep during that time, we must conduct a skin cleansing and maintenance. After washed with mild cleansing cream, and smear nutritional moisturizing emulsion.

Eliminate dark circles, pouch


Drink thick tea or coffee, alcohol, and so on. Easy to appear the phenomena of dark circles, pouch, the skin tarnish. Can use cotton pad dip cold brine apply pressure of the eye-skin. Can also be towels, handkerchiefs, and other portable soft cotton fabric, with a flow of the water-wet, the cooler the better, and then applied in their face, especially the cheeks and eye, neck, 3 – 5 minutes Can be.



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