Gold Club Casino Launches Safer, More Flexible Software

Gold Club Casino Launches Safer, More Flexible Software post thumbnail image

March 27, 2001 – Gold Club Casino recently announced the release of their brand new casino software, powered by Internet gaming stalwart Boss Media. Version 2.6 provides added security features while continuing to offer the excitement and premium gaming experience that Gold Club’s membership is used to. As a respected member of the gaming community, Gold Club has continously sought new ways of entertaining members since its inception in 1997.

The new software promises to cut down on download times by allowing users to pick and choose which games they would like to download. By requesting only the games that an individual user wants to try, players can now spend less time transferring files and more time playing games. The addition of a multiplayer function allows friends to play amongst themselves, a touch that recreates the truly social nature of gaming that is missing from many of today’s online fare.

In order to celebrate the release, Gold Club is offering a special reward to players who test drive their new software. The casino will match initial deposits with free play credits of their own, to allow a more in-depth experience with their fresh new systems.

Internet Casino Gambling -The Player’s Money Machine

“Sometimes a machine is hot, red hot. And that’s when you make the majority of your winnings. Games on the internet are the same, when they’re hot, they’re hot. And that’s they only way to explain it…”

At least that is how internet gaming analyst Will Valentine explains the phenomenal $400,000 in combined mega-jackpots won by InterCasino ( ) players this past week.

The “hot streak” began with “Billie”, who won a sizable $102,263 last Thursday playing on the wildly popular Rags to Riches slot machine. Over the past months this machine constantly proved itself as the net’s one armed Santa Claus rather than a one-armed bandit.

Later in the same week “Barb”, the newly crowned online video-poker queen, proved her wit and poker guile when she beat the Spice Island Progressive Poker machine twice in one day for a combined win of $192,000. “That was one super Sunday for Barb. She got a $100 bonus from me in the morning and then rolled that into $192,000 by the end of the day.” Tells magnanimous InterCasino manager Ryan Hartley. He continues, “Barb is now one of the most successful female poker players on the internet.”

Two days after Barb’s $192,000 Sunday, Unique Casino player “mgpg33” hit a $118,596 progressive jackpot on the same steaming hot Rags To Riches slot machine that paid “Billie” her $102,263 just four days prior. Between Billie and mpgp33’s jackpots, Rags to Riches has paid out over $220,000 in progressive wins within one week, making InterCasino’s Rags to Riches the hottest slot on the Internet.

So what does a pro make of all this? Will Valentine explains… “The Rags to Riches game is definitely on a streak. Anytime a slot pays out over $100,000 on more than one occasion within a short period of time -its on a roll. If you throw Barb’s video poker win into the equation, then it starts to look like it may be the InterCasino server itself that’s on the roll. That being the case, players could expect to see jackpots springing up from all over the casino. In the next few weeks players may see strong winning patterns developing like repeat sequential chances at video-slot bonus levels and additional progressive slot and poker payouts.”


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