jorgisjelis Wins Full Tilt 289bet Event 24


With a run time of just over three hours, Full Tilt’s 289bet Event 24 resulted in some bigtime paydays in a scant amount of time. Eschewing the rebuy and add-on options in use by so many other events, this particular go around featured Turbo gameplay in a standard Rush Poker format.

In the end, it was jorgisjelis taking home the largest chunk of the cash, with a reward of nearly $27,000 — that’s a lot of money to earn in only a few hours, especially considering the buy-in of just $22.

As has so often been the case in the current MiniFTOPS running, this event outpaced its guarantee. Full Tilt had ensured a total of $125,000, but thanks to a registering body of 6,937, Event 24 beat its projection by nearly $14,000 to wind up at $138,740. At only $20+$2 per seat, this proved to be a major haul for the upper-level finishers.

Here’s how the final table turned out:

#1 – jorgisjelis ($26,987.71)

#2 – Luther 1903 ($16,510.06)

#3 – Palming_77 ($11,654.16)

#4 – elan4501 ($9,324.40)

#5 – The_Dr_Bet ($5,965.82)

#6 – zzzash ($4,023.46)

#7 – apriori 1986 ($2,774.80)

#8 – Galwaylegend08 ($1,942.36)

#9 – lazarlazar ($1,387.40)

The top 720 participants received a return on their investment, with the minimum payout weighing in at $38.85; just enough to fill up the gas tank of a small economy car. Host Steve Wong notched the highest finisher by a Full Tilt Pro, ending his run in 144th place ($91.57). Lee Watkinson continued to find his way into the MiniFTOPS money, earning $77.70 with a 184th place elimination.

After those two, however, the closest a pro got to sniffing a payday was Scott Clements, who was knocked out in 847th. Other notable finishers included Svetlana Gromenkova (1,321st), Jon Turner (2,155th), Chip Jett (2,308th), Hulya Pehlivan (2,550th), and Ferrari Zumbini (2,887th).

One of the most exciting types of tournaments are shootout tournaments. Full Tilt Poker chose this type of tournament for their 19th Event of this season’s MiniFTOPS. Full Tilt Poker guaranteed a prize pool of at least $125,000 and 2,544 players paid the $50 + $5 buy-in to try and win a piece of the pie. Players would start the tournament off with a double stack which made for a long tournament.

The host of the tournament was none other than Queens, New York native, Cyndy Violette. She moved to Las Vegas when she was 12-years old and began playing card games with her uncle on the kitchen table. When she was old enough to do so, Cyndy worked at a casino as a blackjack and poker dealer. In 1984, she would turn pro with money that she won from a Lake Tahoe poker tournament. Soon after, she won a Seven-Card Stud tournament for $74,000 — the largest sum of money ever won by a woman at the time. In 2004, she won a World Series of Poker bracelet fulfilling a dream of hers. She wasn’t able to recreate the same success in Event 19 and finished in 923rd place.


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