Movie Monsters game Live Draw HK Like night and day.

Live Draw HK Like night and day.


I have always thought it more or less established fact that the games were better late at night (Danish time, GMT+1). The logic is that at around midnight everyone in the western world will NOT be at work, and that sleeping schedules is less of a hindrance for poker playing than work schedules. Also the European players who are on roughly the same local time as me will supposedly play worse late at night for various reasons.

What is lacking is some hard proof that this is actually fact, and not just an example of the standard human mindset that the grass is always greener on the other side, or in this case, that money flows more freely when I can’t play ’cause wifey wants me in bed.

During my marathon, I did not have the feeling that the games were much better at night time, and surely my results are an indication of the opposite. My day time sessions (before dinner break) produced a win rate of 3.6 BB/100, while my night time sessions produced a win rate of 0.22 BB/100. Obviously those results are not proof of anything, for example a break even session on Sunday night instead of a -17k session would have made the two win rates roughly equal.

If you have some solid evidence one way or the other, I would be pleased to hear of it. Unfortunately Live Draw HK Tracker 2 was not much help in this regard. Right now I am working with PT3 to see if there is functionality there to help me (I am pretty sure there is, but I am having some techical problems and am in contact with support).

Fellow blogger Joxum asked for showdown statistics during the marathon. I went to showdown on 26.4% of the hands were I saw the flop, and I won 56% of those showdowns.

Last week…

I played 70,034 hands of poker in 71.5 hours.

I won $23,476.

I paid $7,572 in rake.

I played 979.5 hands per hour.

I played 348 table sessions.

My longest single table session was 818 hands. That was a 7.5 hour session Sunday. I should have left that one out, because it cost me $5,550.

I paid $100,804 in blinds.

I made a total of 421 cold calls preflop (calls where I had not previously put money in the pot. A call from the blinds is not a cold call). This is about 0.6% of my hands. Over half of that was from the button.

I was dealt pocket aces 331 times, and I won $114 with it on average. I won $78/hand with kings, $24/hand with AKs and only $11.6/hand with queens.

I had quads every day. 19 times total.

I did not have a single straight flush.

I raised preflop 17.76% of my hands, and voluntarily put money in the pot 19.94%. My total aggression factor was 5.39.

I 3-bet preflop 8.35% of the times I had the opportunity.

I hit the bottom of a 30 buy-in downswing (middle of Tuesday), which started earlier in the month.

I had two $19k downswings, and I am still at the bottom of the last one.

I played three different buy-in levels:


5,185 hands

$1,856 won

0.89 BB/100


62,822 hands

$19,991 won

1.59 BB/100


2,027 hands

$1,630 won

6.7 BB/100

If you have any burning questions concerning the numbers from last week, now would be a good time to post them, since I am already up to my elbows in number grease.

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