The Keyword Fancy Dance Is Getting A Little Dense

The Keyword Fancy Dance Is Getting A Little Dense post thumbnail image

More and more, we hear a new webmaster or business owner looking for someone to write his web copy and asking for keyword density of 2-5%, or some such animal. It really isn’t necessary. These chaps probably read an e-book that was written in 1999 and hasn’t been updated. The fact is, keywords are important but you don’t need them in every sentence.

Everyone knows about keywords now. It’s not big secret. They are important. But how important? Are they so important that you have to put one in every paragraph? Does every sentence have to start with your keyword? If your web copy has 500 words, does that mean 10 of those words have to be your specific keyword? These are good questions all.

The main thing to remember about building web copy is you’ve got to talk to your customers. Remember, they’re people. The search engines are just robots. They’re not your customers.

Imagine if one of your customers walked into your dry cleaner store and you started throwing the word “starch” into every sentence, whether you needed to or not. You’d probably find your customers looking at you with canted eyes. The point is, you’re web copy has to make sense. The keywords need to go with the flow. Put them in where necessary but don’t force them. Otherwise, you’ll sound like an insecure teenager trying to impress her friends. Your customers will see through it.

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